Patterned Perfection

Marimekko Oiva Dinnerware has been described as a “potpurri of patterned perfection” and I’d have to agree – oh how I love this beautiful dinnerware! Piece by piece, I’ll build of my own collection of their “In Good Company” line. Best of all….turns out they have a Marimekko store about 2 blocks away from me….how did I not know this?


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Get Crafty!

Time and time again, I’m pleased with the crafty ideas on Crafty Nest’s website. I like this site because it offers modern, crafty projects instead of those tacky “country style” craft projects that you see go in and out style throughout the years.

These hemp pendant lamps look relatively easy to make and might just be my next weekend project!

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A great idea for children and adults alike. Designed by House Industries, these blocks are made in Michigan from locally grown basswood and are printed with lead free, non toxic inks. Order your set today!

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You Wash, I’ll Dry

When I was a little girl, I remember arguing with my brother over who’d wash and who’d dry. Both of us always wanted to be the one to wash – drying seemed so labour intensive and I think it was also because you were stuck there by yourself after your washing partner had left. Now, all grown up, I have a drying rack and rarely do I dry dishes….but today I found a good reason too. I came acorss this adorable tea towel, along with many others, while visiting the Keep Calm Gallery online. Check out their shop for lots of other cool stuff!

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Barcode Revolution

Japanese Barcodes

I came across these designer barcodes while checking out the daily updates on Fast Company. Although you’re more likely to find these unique designs on Japanese products, they’re making their way to North America. Companies like Barcode Revolution have set out to innovate a new way for companies to think about how their valuable product real estate gets used.

Be sure to check out the Design Barcode Gallery to view their full scope of work.

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Poster Art!

It's A Boy!
New To This World
It's A Girl!
My Daddy Poster

I’m always looking for new ideas for unique and personable baby gifts whether it be for friends or clients. Last night I was browsing on Etsy when I came across a beautiful custom birth announcement poster. After bookmarking the page, I entered the words “birth poster” in the search box and was surprised at the results – turns out there are lots of crafty folks out there creating posters.

Not only are these posters beautiful, unique and personable but they’re affordable too! Check out some of my favourites by clicking on the links below!

Freya Art
Pretty Mod
Sweet Arts Design

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Make Your Own Buttons!

Build Your Own Buttons

The folks at Six Cent Press recently launched Do It Yourself Button Kits. These guys make millions of custom pin back buttons a year and have fun doing it. Now you have the opportunity to Build Your Own Buttons on your own schedule and terms. They supply you with everything necessary to get you started as well as provide you with detailed Step by Step Instructions. It can’t get any easier that that!

Buttons are easy to make, they’re affordable and the possibilities are endless. Hand them out at parties or the next event. Whether it be a concert, trade show, tupperware party, self help support group, science fiction convention, sales meeting, family reunion or film festival….spread it around!

Be sure to visit the Six Cent Press BLOG to view their gallery of buttons.

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