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You Wash, I’ll Dry

When I was a little girl, I remember arguing with my brother over who’d wash and who’d dry. Both of us always wanted to be the one to wash – drying seemed so labour intensive and I think it was also because you were stuck there by yourself after your washing partner had left. Now, all grown up, I have a drying rack and rarely do I dry dishes….but today I found a good reason too. I came acorss this adorable tea towel, along with many others, while visiting the Keep Calm Gallery online. Check out their shop for lots of other cool stuff!


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Oh, For the Love of Science (and Style)

Vintage Biology Poster

Vintage Biology Poster

I’m finding myself more and more drawn to biology charts and posters. I remember finding them in the Country Living magazines my mom bought when I was a little girl and of course you could find them rolled up, hanging above chalkboards in every school classroom. I didn’t think twice about them until now – they’re superbly illustrated and yet maintain a simplistic beauty.

I’ve lived with bare walls for well over 5 years due to Levi’s concept of the minimalistic look. Anytime we’ve had a new guest to our home, they ask if we’ve recently moved in – this is a clear indication that I’ve got to get something on those walls!

These posters are a great way to add some colour and style to your home on a tight budget. For those of you that are thrifty and like to rummage, you’re bound to stumble upon these posters at thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales. For the rest of you, you can find them online on the following sites.

Kabinett and Kammer
Lucky Little Dot on Etsy
The Evolution Store

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Must Have This!

Indoor Stove

As Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go there”.

I fell in love when I came across this beauty on one of my favourite sites NotCot. For some strange reason, I keep thinking that I’m going to go home and find this in my living room…fingers crossed!

To view more of this designers creations, click here.

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My Dream Wall

Dream Wall

Most people talk about their dream house but I’d be happy with just this wall!

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